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Jiangxi Ganglong Medical Devices Co., Ltd is a professional manufacture and trading company in medical equipment field,which located in Yongfeng County,Jiangxi Provice,it covers an area of 20,000 square meter.We set up 3 clinical joint-laboratories with universities&tertiary hospitals in China mainland,we also obtain 17 national patents.  With advanced equipment and effective management, our distribution network widely spreads over the whole country. Our products gradually enter into international markets . We regard our customers as the root of our development and take reputation as the first priority. We will cooperate with you with great sincerity,a dedicated after-sales service team sweeps your worries from first to last.

Both disposable automatic shedding titanium nail anastomosis circumcision device and anti-flux thoracic closed drainage bottle were invented  by Mr Zhouyongfei,a surgeon,an urology expert and the original inventor.Depend on his hardworking and  unremitting endeavor,the circumcision comes to the third generation.Automatic shedding titanium nail replaced former stainless steel nail.Till now it’s the most advantage circumcision in China.
Ganglong adheres to the people-oriented, innovative development ideas, endeavors to produce more prefect in function, more predominant in performance products.



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